Semi auto pneumatic single head horizontal liquid filling machine

The horizontal filling machine is completely controlled by compressed air. No power supply is required, especially suitable for explosion-proof environments, production workshops with high safety, and in line with the requirements of modern enterprises.

Due to the pneumatic control and pneumatic special three-way positioning, it has high filling accuracy, simple operation and low failure rate. It is an ideal filling machine for quantitative filling of high-concentration fluids and pastes. Mainly used in medicine, daily chemical, food, pesticide and special industries.

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When the anti-drip filling system is filling, the bulkhead is driven by the up and down movements of the cylinder. When the cylinder is down, the bulkhead is down. At this time, the valve is opened and the material is filled; When the cylinder is up, the bulkhead is up, at this time the valve is closed and the filling is stopped. It can prevent dripping and wire drawing.

● The anti-drip system composed of multiple structures does not drip and drip.

● ATC cylinder, good sealing, stable air pressure, corrosion resistance.

● Static three-turn valve, clamp design, easy to clean

● A variety of pastes and liquids can be used together to meet the filling needs of different industries.


There are three types of horizontal filling machines: single-head and double head horizontal filling machine, other is a single-head filling with a hopper. Customers can choose the appropriate machine according to the requirements of the product.


Style Single Head Filling Double Head Filling Dual-purpose filling
Function Suction Suction Suction and Gravity
Hopper / / 30L
Application Liquid Liquid Liquid and Paste
Filling Speed 20-35bot/min 25-40bot/min 20-35bot/min
Filling Accuracy ±1% ±1% ±1%


Since the structure of the paste filling machine is a stainless steel shell, please do not scrape its outer surface with sharp and hard tools. If you need to clean the machine, you should scrub the surface of the machine with alcohol.

The cylinder of the equipment has been lubricated before delivery, please do not disassemble the cylinder or add any lubricating oil.

The wearing parts and worn sealing rings of the equipment should be dealt with and replaced in time.

Remark: This equipment needs to be connected to an air compressor, and the air compressor needs to be equipped by yourself or purchased from YODEE.

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