High speed automatic single head liquid jar filling machine

With the continuous changes in the market, the cost of raw materials and labor is constantly rising. Both small-scale or large-scale manufacturers want to find a filling machine that can meet the needs of a large variety of products in the factory. Compared with the generall automatic filling machine, this filling machine can fill a variety of products in different media, such as cream, lotion, and liquid etc. It can meet the requirements of low price while increasing the output.

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YODEE has always been in the front line of service in the machinery industry, and the problems faced by customers are the direction of our research and design. The high speed  single-head automatic filling machine was redesigned according to some needs of customer feedback


● Filling speed: 35-65 bottles/min. The specific filling speed depends on the filling medium, capacity, and diameter of the bottle mouth.

● Filling range: 10ml-3000ml

● Filling accuracy: ±1%

● Customized heating function

● PLC precise control

● Using rotor pump, servo motor control, positioning optical fiber imported from Germany, multi-mode positioning mobile filling.

● With automatic feeding function

Filling Speed

10-100ml 60-80pcs/min
100-300ml 45-80pcs/min
300-500ml 40-60pcs/min
500-1000ml 30-45pcs/min
1000-3000ml 2000pcs/hours


Hopper Capacity 36L 36L
Material All contact material parts adopt SUS316
Filling Nozzle One Head
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Application Cream, Jar, Lotion, Liquid, Detergent, Paste etc
Working Pressure 0.2-0.5MPa
Air Consumption 0.05 m³
Packing Size 1500X550X1700 mm
Gross Weight 200KG
In Stock Yes

Manual Dose Mode Process:

Manual Feeding Bottle → High Speed Filling Machine → Manual Dose Cap → Semi-auto Labeling Machine

Fully Automatic Mode Process:

Automatic Rotary Feeding Bottle →High Speed Filling Machine → Automatic Capping Machine → Automatic Labeling Machine


For detailed configuration and price list, please email or call the YODEE team directly.

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