Fully automatic monoblock pet bottle filling capping and labeling machine

In the fields of daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, etc., the design and manufacture of automatic filling & packaging lines are mainly guided by customer needs. The entire filling line is highly close to the customer’s production process, filling speed and filling accuracy.

Classification of products in different states: powder, Paste with low viscosity and good fluidity, Paste with high viscosity and poor flowability, liquid with good flowability, liquid similar to water, solid product. Since the filling machines required for products in different states are different, this also leads to the uniqueness and uniqueness of the filling line. Each filling and packaging line is only suitable for the current customized customers.

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Optional equipment included in the entire full auto production line from filling to packaging:

● Fully automatic filling machine

● Fully automatic turntable

● Fully automatic feeding machine

● Automatic capping machine

● Automatic weighing and rejecting machine

● Automatic labeling machine

● Fully automatic packaging machine

● Air compressor


YODEE is providing you with the most reasonable production line solution at the most reasonable cost, so what information do you need to provide to YODEE team?

1. Identify your product and its type

2. BPH yield and packaging for each product (bottle and cap)

3. The capacity, package picture and size of each product

4. Plant drawing of the production workshop (length, width and height)

For more technical data and design drawings, please contact the YODEE team, we will quickly respond to your needs within 12 hours.

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