Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer

  • Vacuum emulsifier lotion homogenizer mixer

    Vacuum emulsifier lotion homogenizer mixer

    The vacuum homogeneous emulsifier equipment is a non-standard customized equipment, which is reasonably configured according to the customer’s process, and is suitable for products that need to be emulsified and stirred in a vacuum state. The emulsifier can be equipped with low-speed scraping wall stirring for emulsification and stirring of high-viscosity products. It can be equipped with a high shear emulsifier, suitable for processes such as dispersion, emulsification, homogenization, stirring and mixing.

    The small-capacity emulsifier is suitable for the pilotscale experiment of products in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries, whether it is small batch production or large batch production. The whole equipment is composed of homogeneous emulsification main pot, water pot, vacuum system, electric heating or steam heating temperature control system, electric control, etc. It is a special equipment for producing high-grade cream, medicinal ointment, lotion, etc.

  • Vacuum emulsifying mayonnaise homogenizer mixer making machine

    Vacuum emulsifying mayonnaise homogenizer mixer making machine

    Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier is a complete system integrating mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsification and powder suction. . The material is stirred through the center of the upper part of the emulsification pot, and the Teflon scraper always caters to the shape of the stirring pot, sweeping away the sticky material hanging on the wall, so that the scraped material continuously generates a new interface, and then goes through the shearing, compressing, Fold it to make it stir and mix and flow down to the homogenizer below the pot body. The material then passes through the strong shearing, impacting, turbulent flow and other processes generated between the high-speed rotating cutting wheel and the fixed cutting sleeve.

  • Vacuum homogenizer cosmetic cream making machine

    Vacuum homogenizer cosmetic cream making machine

    YODEE Intelligent vacuum homogeneous emulsifier is one of the must-selected models in the production of skin care products. When the material is in a vacuum state, the high shear emulsifier quickly and evenly distributes one phase or multiple phases in at least one other continuous phase. It uses the strong kinetic energy brought by the machine to make the material in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor, every time It can withstand hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute. The comprehensive action of centrifugal extrusion, impact, tearing, etc., disperses and emulsifies evenly in an instant.

  • Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

    Vacuum homogenizing emulsifier

    The YODEE fixed type emulsifier is the most economical in the series of emulsifiers. The difference from the hydraulic lift emulsifier is that the top cover cannot be opened, and the top cover and the pot body are made in one piece. But there are also the same configuration as the water-phase pot, oil-phase pot, emulsification and stirring main pot, vacuum system, electrical control system, and operation platform of the lifting emulsifier. Optional systems: batching system, discharging system, cooling and heating temperature control system, vacuum system, PH value online measurement control, CIP and SIP cleaning system, etc.