Automatic small bottle multi head filling capping and labeling machine

YODEE provides a variety of professional filling and packaging solutions, and efficiently completes the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, maintenance training and other services of the entire line of turnkey projects in various industries.

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Filling volume --5-50ml--10-100ml






Filling nozzle --1 filling nozzle(single nozzle)--2 filling nozzle(double nozzle)

--4 filling nozzle

--6 filling nozzle

--8 filling nozzle

--10 filling nozzle

--12 filling nozzle

Drive mode --Volumetric Piston--Servo motor

--Rotor pump

Material --Whole machine best SUS304--Whole machine best SUS316L

--Contact part of best SUS316L and Non-contact part best SUS304

Power supply Standard power:220V 50HZ single phase(if special please send voltage power to YODEE team)

The YODEE team will ensure that the filling and packaging line fits your product perfectly and can be put into production quickly upon receipt. Please read the following information carefully:

1. After both parties confirm the design and model, we will send the samples of the required packaging materials to the production workshop of YODEE.

2. The rationality and practicability of the machine will be adjusted according to your sample packaging material when the machine is produced.

3. After the production of the machine is completed, the sent samples will be used to test the entire filling and packaging line, and video recording or video connection will be used to confirm whether the machine is qualified.

4. In order to facilitate the understanding of the production situation of the entire production line, the recorded video and the detailed pictures of the production line will be sent together after testing the machine.

5. When all the preparatory work is completed, we will arrange the transportation of the goods as soon as possible so that the machine can be put into production quickly.

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