The needs of the market have changed and created, and given more missions to the machinery, more requirements are put forward in terms of cost control and rational utilization of labor, From this, the application of automatic and intelligent control was born. YODEE has been committed to designing and absorbing Advanced manufacturing technology at local and overseas, updating its own technology and applying it to practical scenarios with continuous dedication and commitment.

YODEE puts advanced technology into practical needs, and applies machines to different cosmetic production activities to help customers maximize value.

Water type (4)

Water type:toner, essence water, makeup remover, make-up water, etc.

--Reverse osmosis water treatment, Liquid washing mixing pot, Liquid filling machine, Capping machine, Labeling machine, Inkjet printer, Storage tank, etc.

Cream or Lotion: Body lotion, sunscreen, BB cream, Facial cleanser, etc.

--Reverse osmosis water treatment, Vacuum homogeneous emulsifier, Filling machine, Capping machine, Labeling machine, Inkjet printer, Packaging machine, 316L Sealed storage tank, pump, etc.

Water type (1)
Water type (2)

Daily chemical products: Shower gel, Shampoo, Hair dye, Detergent, etc.

--Reverse osmosis water treatment, Liquid washing mixing pot, Filling machine, Capping machine, Labeling Machine, Bag wrapping machine, Pump, 304 Semi-open storage tank/sealed storage tank, etc.

Makeup: Powder, Eye shadow, Nail polish, Lipstick, etc.

--Powder press, Single side powder homogenizer mixer, Powder grinder, Sifter, Filling machine, Lipstick freezer, Lipstick stripper, etc.

Water type (3)

The application of the above machine is for reference, please communicate with YODEE for the specific application of the actual machine.

How to choose the right machine for you?

1. Determine your needs.

--How many different products are coming into production?

--What is the output of each product?

--Is the packaging of the product determined?

--What is the capacity of each package?

--Does the whole production line use fully automatic or semi-automatic equipment?

2. Collision of ideas with YODEE with questions to communicate the feasibility of the equipment.

3. Choose the machinery that suits you.