10T large plant reverse osmosis water treatment plant with EDI

Water resources are abundant in the world, but they are relatively scarce in direct drinking water, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals and other fields, and the scope of water use is closely related in many fields. If there is a machine that can It is suitable for your own industry and helps your products improve the quality and prolong the shelf life of the products, which will play a key role in the operation of the enterprise.

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YODEE's reverse osmosis water treatment machine is mainly designed for the conductivity of water, and different conductivity is different for different industries. According to the different needs of each water consumption, water quality (metal ion content in water), electrical conductivity, etc., different reverse osmosis machines are designed and manufactured to be suitable for different scenarios.

To judge the local water quality, the most important thing is to test the conductivity and metal ions in the water. The conductivity of the water has a certain relationship with the amount of inorganic acids, alkalis and salts it contains. When their concentration is low, the conductivity increases with the concentration, so this indicator is often used to infer the total concentration of ions or the salt content in water. Different types of water have different conductivity. The conductivity of fresh distilled water is 0.2-2μS/cm, but after a period of time, it will increase to 2-4μS/cm due to the absorption of CO2; the conductivity of ultrapure water is less than 0.10/μS/cm; the conductivity of natural water is more Between 50-500μS/cm, mineralized water can reach 500-1000μS/cm; the conductivity of industrial wastewater containing acid, alkali and salt often exceeds 10,000μS/cm; the conductivity of seawater is about 30,000μS/cm. Conductivity is an important indicator to measure the purity of pure water, which reflects the purity of pure water and the control of the production process. The national standard stipulates that the conductivity of pure water shall not be higher than 10μS/cm.

According to different water quality, the corresponding machines are divided into primary reverse osmosis water treatment, secondary water treatment, EDI water treatment, and the maximum value of pure water conductivity can be reached:


Capacity Water production(LPH) One Stage  RO water treatment (TDS:μS/cm) Two Stage  RO water treatment (TDS:μS/cm) EDI+  RO water treatment (TDS:μS/cm)(TDS:μS/cm)
500L 500L ≤10μS/cm ≤3μS/cm 0-1μS/cm
1000L 1000L ≤10μS/cm ≤3μS/cm 0-1μS/cm
2000L 2000L ≤10μS/cm ≤3μS/cm 0-1μS/cm
3000L 3000L ≤10μS/cm ≤3μS/cm 0-1μS/cm
4000L 4000L ≤10μS/cm ≤3μS/cm 0-1μS/cm
5000L 5000L ≤10μS/cm ≤3μS/cm 0-1μS/cm
10000L 10000L ≤10μS/cm ≤3μS/cm 0-1μS/cm


1. Automatically prepare pure water system

2. Adopt imported brand Dow reverse osmosis membrane and Korean reverse osmosis Shihan membrane

3. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and beautiful.

4. The pipeline system adopts CO2 gas-filled welding, no welding slag inside and outside, and conforms to GMP and CE international standards.

5. The PLC touch screen conforms to the 4.0 industrial standard.

6. With automatic warning function, each part can be displayed on the color touch screen.


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