YODEE company supports the design, manufacture, transportation, installation and subsequent equipment maintenance of the fully automatic whole line intelligent production line. Due to the differences in products, factory conditions and needs of each customer, customers are required to provide various aspects of production information and product details. After that, YODEE will put forward some constructive suggestions for you to choose for your reference. Please read the following information carefully:

Which of the following features does your product contain?

Liquid  Paste  Water  Powder  Pill  Capsule  Other

What is the viscosity (cps) and moisture (%) content of the product?
What does the packaging look like?

Plastic Bottle
Glass Bottle
Aluminum-plastic Capsule Packaging
Soft Tube
Aluminum Tube

Can you provide pictures and packaging dimensions of your product?

What do you expect your equipment to look like?
Fully automatic intelligent design of the whole line
Semi-automatic design of the whole line
single equipment requirements

The length, width and height of the production workshop?
What is the industrial voltage supported by the workshop?

Three-phase voltage 200V 50/60HZ
Three-phase voltage 230V 50/60HZ
Three-phase voltage 208V/240V/600V
Three-phase voltage 200V/220V/380V
Three-phase voltage 400V 50HZ

Different voltages, related electrical appliances, motors, etc. are different. YODEE supports voltage customization to ensure the long-term durability of the equipment.

YODEE will provide the following suggestions for discussion between the two parties:
1. The total investment budget of the equipment and the possibility of discussing the budget
2. Budget for equipment transportation and discuss the possibility of optimal transportation
3. Possibility of equipment installation and routine maintenance
4. Possibility of routine worker optimal set-up