Secondary stage reverse osmosis water treatment system

YODEE RO Water treatment equipment Company specializes in the production of a complete set of large, medium and small pure water equipment. Water treatment machinery mainly used in industrial production of pure water, water for food production, purified water demand enterprises and factory drinking water purification equipment.

YODEE Pure water equipment adopts reverse osmosis process, according to different raw water quality and target water quality requirements, formulate suitable pure water equipment to meet the needs of domestic drinking and production in various industries.

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RO is to use the semi-permeable membrane to permeate water and impermeable to salt to remove most of the salt in the water. Pressurize the raw water side of RO, so that part of the pure water in the raw water permeates the membrane in the direction perpendicular to the membrane, the salts and colloidal substances in the water are concentrated on the membrane surface, and the remaining part of the raw water is concentrated in the direction parallel to the membrane. take away. There is only a small amount of salt in the permeated water, and the permeated water is collected to achieve the purpose of desalination. The reverse osmosis water treatment process is basically a physical desalination method.


● The salt removal rate can reach more than 99.5%, and it can remove colloids, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water at the same time.

● Relying on the pressure of water as the driving force, the energy consumption is low.

● It does not need a lot of chemicals and acid and alkali regeneration treatment, no chemical waste liquid discharge, no environmental pollution.

● Continuous operation of water production, stable product water quality.

● High degree of automation, simple system, convenient operation.

● Small footprint and space for equipment

● Suitable for a wide range of raw water


Optional machine capacity: 250L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L,5000L, etc.

According to different water quality requirements, different levels of water treatment are used to achieve the required water conductivity. (Two stage water treatment Water conductivity, Level 2 0-3μs/cm, Waste water recovery rate:above 65%)

Customized according to customer product particularity and actual needs.

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