Industrial ro water filter plant with EDI system

Electrodeionization(EDI)is an ion exchange technique. Pure water production technology through the combination of ion exchange membrane technology and ion electromigration technology. EDI technology is a high-tech green technology. It has been widely recognized by people, and has also been widely promoted in medicine, electronics, electric power, chemical industry and other industries.

This water treatment equipment is a purified water system with secondary stainless steel reverse osmosis + EDI technology. EDI has higher requirements on the influent water, which must be reverse osmosis product water or the water quality equivalent to reverse osmosis product water.

Purified water system as a whole equipment, each treatment process is interconnected, the effect of the previous treatment process will affect the next-level treatment process, each process may have an impact on the water production at the end of the entire system.

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Technological Process

Raw water → raw water booster pump → sand filtration → activated carbon filtration → multi-media filter → water softener → precision filter → one stage high pressure pump →one stage reverse osmosis machine → one stage pure water tank → two-stage high-pressure pump → two-stage reverse osmosis Permeation device → EDI system → ultrapure water tank → water point

 The technological process is based on the combination of the user's local environmental conditions and water effluent requirements, so as to meet the user's requirements, long-term use, safe and reliable.


● Water treatment equipment can continuously produce qualified ultrapure water that meets user requirements.

● The water production process is stable and continuous, and the water quality is constant.

● No chemicals are required for regeneration, no chemical emissions are required, and it is a green and environmentally friendly product.

● Modular design makes EDI easy to maintain during production.

● Simple operation, no complicated operating procedures


Consider the Selection of equipment based on the following factors:

● Raw water quality

● User's water quality requirements for product water

● water production requirements

● Stability of water quality

● Physical and chemical cleaning functions of equipment

● Simple operation and intelligent operation

● Waste liquid treatment and discharge requirements

● investment and operating costs

Application field

● Chemical water treatment in power plants

● Ultrapure water in electronics, semiconductor and precision machinery industries

● Preparation of food, beverages and drinking water

● Small pure water station, group drinking pure water

● Water for fine chemicals and advanced disciplines

● Pharmaceutical industry process water

● High-purity water preparation required by other industries


Optional water treatment capacity according to customer's water consumption: 250L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L,5000L, etc.

According to different water quality requirements, different levels of water treatment are used to achieve the required water conductivity. (Two stage water treatment Water conductivity, Level 2 0-1μs/cm, Waste water recovery rate:above 65%)

Customized according to customer product particularity and actual needs.

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