PVC two stage RO system water treatment plant machine

Secondary reverse osmosis pure water equipment is a device that uses secondary reverse osmosis technology to produce pure water. Secondary reverse osmosis is the further purification of primary reverse osmosis product water. The reverse osmosis pure water equipment system adopts different processes according to different water quality.

The conductivity of the primary pure water treated by the primary reverse osmosis pure water equipment system is less than 10 μs/cm, while the conductivity of the secondary pure water treated by the secondary reverse osmosis pure water equipment system is less than 3 μs/cm or even lower. . Process flow description Pretreatment is to make the reverse osmosis influent meet the water production requirements through filtration, adsorption, exchange and other methods.

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● Prevent scaling on the surface of reverse osmosis membrane;

● Prevent colloidal substances and suspended solid particles from fouling the reverse osmosis membrane;

● Prevent the pollution and degradation of the reverse osmosis membrane by organic matter;

● Prevent microbial contamination of reverse osmosis membrane;

● Prevent oxidative damage to reverse osmosis membrane by oxidizing substances.

According to different water quality requirements, different levels of water treatment are used to achieve the required water conductivity. (Two stage water treatment Water conductivity, Level 2 0-3μs/cm, Waste water recovery rate:above 65%)

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