Industrial ro plant drinking water purifier machine

Water is the only truly necessary substance for all living things. The range of substances that can contaminate our water supply is diverse – from disease – causing microorganisms to heavy metals, mutant compounds, plant growth regulators, household chemicals. That is why it is important to protect our water sources.

YODEE RO purified water purifier is made of high quality reverse osmosis membrane filter and comes with the latest technology in water treatment. The filter is composed with 100% food grade materials, which makes it fit for all types of consumption.

Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technology. The principle is that raw water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane under high pressure, and the solvent in the water diffuses from high concentration to low concentration. To achieve the effect of separation, purification and concentration. It is opposite to the osmosis in nature, so it is called reverse osmosis. It can remove bacteria, viruses, colloids, organic matter and more than 98% of soluble salts in water.

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Process Flow

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Raw water tank→Raw water booster pump→Quartz sand filter→Activated carbon filter→cartridge Filter→One stage high pressure pump→One stage reverse osmosis system→Pure water tank→Water supply pump→Ultraviolet sterilizer(option) → Use water

Function Description

Raw water tank: It mainly solves the problem of unstable tap water pressure, and reduces the mechanical failure caused by frequent start up of the pump or unstable tap water pressure during operation.

Quartz sand filter: Tap water enters from the upper end of the tank, and flows evenly from the upper end of the filter layer to the lower end through the upper water distributor. After the tap water passes through the filter layer, it is separated from the filter layer through the lower water distributor to form filtered water.

Activated carbon filter: The internal structure is the same as the quartz sand filter. After activated carbon adsorption, the residual chlorine in tap water can generally be reduced to below 0.1mg/l.

Precision filter: The material with particle size larger than 5μm is intercepted to meet the water inlet requirements of reverse osmosis.High-pressure pump: Provides the required power for reverse osmosis operation.

Reverse osmosis system: The reverse osmosis system is the core component of pure water equipment.

Pure water tank: Used to store pure water.

Optional water treatment capacity according to customer's water consumption: 250L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L,5000L, etc.

According to different water quality requirements, different levels of water treatment are used to achieve the required water conductivity. (One stage water treatment Water conductivity, Level 1≤10μs/cm, Waste water recovery rate:above 65%)

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Customized according to customer product particularity and actual needs.

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