liquid hand wash / dishwashing / detergent mixer making machine

The liquid washing mixing pot is mainly composed of mixing pot, electrical control system, working platform and other parts.The machine stirs at a slow speed through the paddles in the pot, so that the materials are fully mixed and blended to meet the requirements of the customer’s production process.

Mixing machine is mainly suitable for liquid detergent products, such as washing machine cleaning agent, laundry liquid, detergent, etc.The mixing tank integrates the functions of mixing and discharging, with strong production capacity, convenient cleaning and low production cost. It is the first choice for detergent factories.

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● The surface of the pot body and pipe is mirror polished.

● The material contact part is made of SUS316 material, which meets the GMP standard.

● All-round use of frequency converter for speed regulation to reduce bubble formation when temperature is low and viscosity is high.

● Strong mixing of solid and liquid raw materials can quickly dissolve insoluble materials such as AES/AESA/LSA in liquid washing production, saving energy and shortening the production cycle.

● The wall scraping type stirring can meet the shape of the stirring tank at any time, and clean the sticky material on the pot wall.

● According to the process requirements, the tank can heat and cool the material. There are two main heating methods: steam and electric heating.

● It is convenient to discharge the material, it can be discharged directly, or it can be equipped with a conveying pump to discharge the material.

● Platform stainless steel anti-skid checker plate with embedded bracket to prevent scratches.


Capacity: 500L, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T, etc. (Customized) 

Material: SUS304/316L

Operation method: Fully automated

Heating method: Steam heating or Electric heating

Stirring speed: 0~63r/min (frequency conversion speed regulation);

Customized according to customer product particularity and actual inquiry.

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