Industrial chemical / cosmetic / dairy / jacketed mixing tank with stirrer

Large-scale production is very common in daily chemical series products, and batch-type stirring vessels are set up, and the integrated fully automatic intelligent production system can improve output and product quality. While optimizing the factory structure, it can save a lot of labor and help companies control operating costs.

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● Fully automatic raw material feeding and finished product discharging.

● Fully automatic intelligent control, only one worker is required for the entire emulsification production workshop.

● Different formula memory storage function.

● The workshop meets GMP aseptic standard.

● Fully automatic integrated piping system.

● Steam heating.


Model Working volume Homogenizer motor(power/rpm) Mixing motor Machine dimension
YDM-1000 1000L 7.5KW 0-3300 4 0-63 2600*2400*3300mm
YDM-2000 2000L 15KW 0-3300 5.5 0-63 3000*2800*4000mm
YDM-3000 3000L 18.5KW 0-3300 7.5 0-63 3200*3000*4200mm
YDM-4000 4000L 22KW 0-3300 7.5 0-63 3400*3000*4500mm
YDM-5000 5000L 37KW 0-3300 11 0-63 3500*3200*4800mm
YDM-10000 10000L 55KW 0-3300 22 0-63 4800*4200*5500mm

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Optional supporting equipment:

● Weighing system

● Rotor pump/pneumatic diaphragm pump

● Storage Tanks

● Electric heating steam boiler

● Industrial chiller

For more detailed technical data, please email the YODEE official directly, and the YODEE team will respond to your inquiry within 12 hours.

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