automactic screw cap machine for aluminium / plastic / pet bottle

The automatic capping machine is suitable for capping different bottle shapes in the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide, cosmetics and other industries. This machine adopts roller type capping, the capping speed can be adjusted according to the user’s output, the structure is compact, the capping efficiency is high, the bottle cap does not slip and damage, it is stable and reliable, easy to operate, and long lasting.

Product Detail

Product Tags

This machine is suitable for various bottle types such as screw-drawn caps, spray pump caps, and small essential oil caps. The capping speed can be adjusted according to the customer's output.

If your product is a special bottle type and cap, please tell us the detailed sample parameters and pictures, and the YODEE team will customize your capping machine for you and meet the GMP requirements.

Technical Parameter

Applicable Cap Size 10-120mm
Applicable Bottle Height 200-800mm
Capping Speed: 2000-4000bot/hour
Accuracy ±1%
Voltage AC220V,50/60Hz
Power 1kw
Speed Control Frequency
Gross Weight About 200kg
Machine Size 1600*800*1650mm

Working mode: The bottle cap is screwed by two pairs of PU wheels rubbing against each other. The bottle body is protected by a bottle-clamping device on the conveyor belt of the whole machine to maintain the same direction and conveying speed.

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