Vacuum homogenizer cosmetic cream making machine

YODEE Intelligent vacuum homogeneous emulsifier is one of the must-selected models in the production of skin care products. When the material is in a vacuum state, the high shear emulsifier quickly and evenly distributes one phase or multiple phases in at least one other continuous phase. It uses the strong kinetic energy brought by the machine to make the material in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor, every time It can withstand hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute. The comprehensive action of centrifugal extrusion, impact, tearing, etc., disperses and emulsifies evenly in an instant.

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Main pot body diagram

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Overall structure of the vacuum homogenizing emulsified:


● Contra-rotating slow mixing with teflon scrapers

● Control Panel T&S color kind to show all the main machine.

● Hydraulic lifting of the cover

● Hydraulic vessel tilting to facilitate the finished product discharge

● Essences little hopper

● Central bottom valves to suck under vacuum raw material or discharge the finished product

● Inspection window with light to check the mixing phases


● Vessel clear by spray ball or CIP system

● Mixing with counter-rotating blade system and PTFE scraper

● Vessel lid and vessel tilting by Hydraulic system

● Visually monitor the production situation in the pot by glass manhole and mirror light

● Raw materials pretreatment by oil and water vessel

● Essences little hopper and powder hopper

● Complete pipeline GMP standard system


Capacity Homogenizer Motor(KW) Stirring motor(KW) Vacuum pump(KW) water pot stirring(KW) oil pot stirring(KW) water pot heating(KW) oil pot heating(KW)
250L 5.5 2.2 1.5 0.55 0.55 12 9
300L 5.5 3 3 0.75 0.75 18 9
400L 7.5 4 3 0.75 0.75 18 9
500L 11 4 3 1.1 1.1 18 9
1000L 15 5.5 3.85 1.5 1.5 27 18
2000L 18.5 7.5 3.85 2.2 2.2 36 27
3000L 22 11 11 3 3    
5000L 37.5 15 11 5.5 5.5    

The structure of this emulsifying machine is mainly aimed at large-capacity emulsifying machines, industrialized production, and can be used in combination with multiple emulsifying machines. The combined emulsifying machine can be equipped with a waterproof operating platform of SUS304 material, as well as guardrail stairs and material lifting systems, weighing systems, and PLC remote control systems. Compared with traditional production, this automated production system can minimize labor and has high production efficiency.

Combined Type

Combined Type hydraulic lift emulsifier mixer:

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Weighing System

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wubskd (4)
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Remote control system

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