What is a Capping Machine?

The capping machine is a very important part of the automatic filling production line, which is the key to whether the filling line can achieve high output. The main function of the capping machine is to accurately make the spiral-shaped bottle cap firmly cover the container or bottle, and it can also handle similar stoppers or other bottle caps. Capping machines allow products to have a hygienic work space and be produced efficiently, while also being within affordable manufacturing costs.

Traditional capping machine uses four PU material rubber wheels or silicone material wheels to firmly seal the bottle caps in the reverse high-speed rotation. The traditional capping system includes the following equipment:

1. Cap precision drop guide rail

2. Cover hopper

3. Cap sorting device

4. The main body of the capping machine

5. Conveyor belt

System starts with screw caps (caps, stoppers, etc.). Through the feeding system, the caps are moved into the cap hopper. From here, the capping lift takes over and starts feeding the caps into the sorting bowl. Sorting bowls are used to increase the speed and efficiency of cap conveying systems. When the caps are in the sorting bowl, they are oriented when they are attached to the container and then sent to the capping machine. The capping system can be customized according to different needs.

The current common types of capping machines in YODEE:

1. According to the capping speed, it can be divided into high-speed capping machine and medium-speed capping machine

2. According to the structure, it can be divided into in-line capping machine and chuck capping machine.

However, no matter how the capping machine is divided, it is to serve the different needs of customers, aiming to increase the production output of customers, and to reduce the manufacturing cost to the greatest extent, so that the entire production line can achieve the most efficient production at a reasonable cost.

Post time: Nov-30-2022