How to Know a Full Process Filling Production Line?

There are many manufacturers of fully automatic filling lines, and can fill a variety of products. Due to the different packaging materials and shapes of each product, the matching filling lines are different, and the configurations of the machines in the filling lines are also different. However, regardless of the machine configuration, YODEE hopes that customers can find the machine model or series that meet their needs. In the whole filling line production, the maximum performance can be achieved with the lowest cost efficiency.

Now let YODEE introduce the main equipment of the whole automatic production line:

–Full Automatic Unscrambler Machine Bottle sorting machine

–Full Automatic Filling Machine

–Full Automatic Feeding Cap Machine Capping machine

–Full Automatic Capping Machine

–Full Automatic Labeling Machine

–Fully Automatic Inkjet Printer

There are many kinds of packaging bottle types in the field of cosmetics. Many cosmetic manufacturers hope to match the various packaging bottles in the factory through only one filling line. From the professional point of view of equipment manufacturing, this idea is unreasonable: because the formation of the fully automatic filling production line is originally for a single product to quickly obtain high output per unit time to obtain market response. However, it is relatively reasonable to think about this issue from the perspective of the factory, because cost control is also very important for the operation of the factory. If it can fit all bottle types in the same production line, it is definitely a good choice. 

According to market demand, YODEE will also consider the space of the production workshop while considering the bottle type. In the design of the overall filling line, it can not only meet the daily production needs, but also make full use of the space, which is also very efficient for cosmetic producers. Therefore, the development of compact system design and efficient production efficiency is the top priority of YODEE engineers.

At present, the latest model developed by YODEE engineers is a Fully Automatic Following Filling Line, which is equipped with servo high-speed capping to achieve an average output of 45-65 bot/min, based on the filling volume of 10-1000 ml. 

The machine adopts Siemens PLC automatic control system and man-machine interface operating system, which can realize the functions of frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic material distribution and synchronous feeding. Automatically display performance parameters such as filling speed and cumulative output, as well as failure causes and operation and maintenance methods.The four door panels of the box can be opened, and the shutdown fault diversion function makes the operation simple and maintenance convenient. The adjustment and use of multiple specifications can be realized within the specified range in the same equipment. 

The square tube and sheet metal parts of YODEE Fully Automatic Tracking water / Liquid / lotion / cream Filling Production Line are made of SUS304 material, and the surface is polished and brushed. Sliding device or transmission parts use 45# carbon steel chrome-plated; filling cylinder to filling main pipe is made of SUS316 material; shaft parts use 304 rods; Feeder hoses are food grade; All surfaces in contact with the product shall be free of cracks, sharp edges and crevices that would prevent proper cleaning, and all welds will be polished. Film outer packaging, waterproof, moisture-proof, oil resistant, anti-counterfeit, can effectively protect product quality, extend product life, and enhance product appeal. The outer film packaging of the machine is waterproof, moisture-proof and oil-resistant, which can effectively protect the quality of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine. 

Moreover, in standby mode, the air pressure and power consumption of the Following Liquid & Cream Filling Machine will be reduced, significantly reducing the base load. But this has no effect on the restart time, its power and air consumption are continuously monitored and displayed by the energy monitor. The high-efficient service motor with energy recovery, lightweight mold parts and recyclable aviation aluminum materials give the filling machine better environmental balance. 

Of course, YODEE can also customize the automatic filling production line exclusive to you according to different types of packaging bottles and unique needs of customers.


Post time: Nov-08-2022