Does the High Shear Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer Need Regular Maintenance?

High shear vacuum emulsifier mixer machine is one of the main equipment for cosmetic production, regular inspection and maintenance every month is necessary.In addition to the usual routine production operations, how to properly maintain the vacuum emulsifying equipment is also a big problem for the operator.

The service life of the vacuum emulsifier equipment is inseparable from the daily maintenance. Do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment, check and deal with various problems in time, improve the operation of the equipment, and eliminate unnecessary friction and damage. Increase the utilization rate of emulsification machinery and equipment to provide more efficient production for the entire production line.

Today, the YODEE team has sorted out the daily maintenance methods of 9 vacuum emulsifying machinery for everyone, Hurry up and learn it!

1. Do a good job in the daily cleaning and sanitation of the vacuum emulsifier equipment.

2. Check the circuit of the entire device for damage or moisture.

3. Maintenance of electrical equipment: It is necessary to ensure that the equipment is clean, hygienic, and moisture-proof and corrosion-proof. The Frequency converter should be well ventilated, dust-removed, and heat-dissipated to prevent electrical equipment from burning out. (Note: Before the maintenance of electrical appliances, turn off the main gate, lock the electrical box with a padlock, and stick safety signs and safety protection.

4. Heating system: Check the safety valve regularly to prevent the valve from rusting. Regularly check the drain valve to prevent debris from clogging. If the vacuum mixing machine is electrically heated, additionally check the heating rod for scaling.

5. Vacuum system: Check whether the water ring system is unblocked to ensure the normal high-speed operation of the vacuum emulsion machine. In case of stalling when starting the vacuum pump during use, stop the vacuum pump immediately and start it after cleaning. Because of rust, foreign matters and jamming of the homogenizing head, the motor will burn and the equipment can not work normally.

6. Sealing system: there are many seals in the emulsification machine. The dynamic and static rings should be replaced regularly, and the cooling system should be checked to prevent the mechanical seal from being burnt out due to cooling failure; The framework seal shall be made of appropriate materials according to the characteristics of materials, and shall be replaced regularly according to the maintenance manual.

7.Lubrication: After the production work, the homogenizer emulsifier mixer should be cleaned up, and the motor and reducer should be replaced regularly according to the manual in advance to ensure the safe operation of the equipment again.

8. During the use of the emulsion equipment, it is necessary to regularly send the instruments and meters to the relevant departments for verification to ensure the safety of the equipment.

9. If the homogeneous emulsifier mixing has abnormal sound or failure during the production process, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the equipment should be restarted after the failure is eliminated.


Post time: Sep-27-2022